Exam Jam!

9 05 2011

Alyssa Chmura ’12, English Content Tutor

On Thursday May 5, 2011, the CAE undergraduate Content Tutors held the first ever Exam Jam at SJC. Catchy name, right? The idea was inspired by the silent dance parties held at Carleton College during exam week as a stress relief technique. To see what Carleton does, watch the video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKhDmAAiE0E.

Exam week is definitely a stressful time because everyone wants to succeed, but it’s important not to get too overwhelmed and to take some time to have fun, even if it’s only for an hour. After watching the video from Carleton College, we decided to offer a similar program coupled with extra study tables for certain classes in order to both help relieve stress and offer extra help for students.

We started off the Exam Jam listening to some music (not while silently dancing…maybe next year?) and having some food (thank you, Student Affairs!). After some time was spent just hanging out, eating and listening to some quality music, students broke into study tables and one-on-one tutoring sessions for various classes. We had tutors present for help in CHEM170 (Organic/Inorganic Chemistry), CHEM240 (Biochemistry), MATH160 (Precalculus), ENGL216 (Major American Authors), PSYC220 (Child Development), ENGL 230 (Short Stories), ACCT205 (Managerial Accounting), HIST121 (The American Scene from 1865), and FIAR135 (History of Art II).

For the first time doing the event, we had a great turnout! About 30-35 students came to take advantage of the extra tutoring services (and the free food) offered right before the beginning of finals week. Students who came really seemed to enjoy the Exam Jam and appreciated both the short period of stress relieving and the extra study table.

Look out for the return of the Exam Jam next year!



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